Who are Mocha Parents?

The Uniqueness of Black Parenting and the Brilliance of Black Children

I use “mocha” terminology across my blog to refer Black, African-American, African and other Brown people who are grouped socially into racial categories. It is these racial groupings based on appearance that create the foundation for race. I believe that race not only refers to physical characteristics but carries with it a social, economic and political history. Mocha Parents live within these dynamics and are raising kids in this context.

Racially, I am a woman of color (WoC), and I racially identify as Black or African-American. That is my point of view (PoV). I believe that every child is capable of learning with something unique and special to offer the world. It has been my lived experience that the inherent brilliance of Black children is often overlooked. My aspiration to create a space that affirms both in meaningful ways.

Dr. Jozie