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Play The struggle for racial equity in public kid-centered spaces has a long and painful history.


At first glace, racial interactions in public spaces seem to only involve those engaged in the conflict. Often a racist person is blamed. However, this post lifts a deeper structural analysis that needs further exploration. A few weeks ago, my 4-year-old and I, went to the birthday party of one her…



No clothing, degree of politeness or ‘gentle’ demeanor can change the perceived danger of Blackness, even when there is no expressed threat of violence. As MiniMocha gets older, I think about how race shows up in the classroom. I wonder how long her exuberant enthusiasm for everything will be welcomed by her…



Black dolls are critical to the development of a healthy self-esteem in young Black girls. When I was growing up, I remember having two Black dolls. Of the two, one of the dolls was named Buckwheat (probably after the Little Rascals character), and she was my favorite. She was a…

Day Care


Diversity is an important consideration when selecting a preschool, but it’s not the only consideration. Step 1: Write down your educational values. Identify the criteria most important to you with the understanding that you will likely not find all of your “must-haves” in one pre-school program. Take your notes with…



Free range parenting requires racial privilege and social acceptance of motherhood — I have neither. I have been following the dialogue happening in the media and across parenting blogs on free range parenting, an approach to parenting that gives children a great deal of freedom from adult supervision. That freedom…

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