Book Review: Princess Cupcake Jones & The Missing Tutu


A cute story about a little girl who has lost her beloved tutu and learns a valuable lesson in her pursuit of it.




I was drawn to this book, because of the emphasis on the tutu. My treasured one (TO) is all about glittery tutus right now, so I thought she would really connect to the story. And, she did.

Story Synopsis: This book tells the story of a beautiful princess, named Cupcake Jones, who has lost her beloved tutu right before an important family event.

Author:  Ylleya Fields

Lesson/Skills: The story emphasizes the importance of putting ones toys away after play and demonstrates the value of cleaning up one’s room.



MPAK Recommended. TO’s current favorite story. Excellent illustrations. One of my favorite things about this book is that there is a hidden word in each illustration. As I read it, I’m looking for it; so the books keeps me interested as well, as the reader.



Age Range: 5-7 years, but a younger toddler could enjoy the story as well.

Book Type: Picture book

Length: 32 pages

Lead character: Black/African American girl

For additional information:

To purchase: Amazon. $12.98 (Hardcover)

About Author

I am Dr. Joanna Scott, creator of Mocha Parents, Awesome Kids. I am also a mother, researcher and racial equity consultant. I have worked with numerous organizations across the country who aspire to be more intentional about race in their organizational policies and practices. In this space, I borrow from my work and my parenting experiences living at the intersection of race and gender. I have an extensive background in public policy analysis, family counseling and years of experience as a child advocate. I hope my work mirrors my heart’s song – a deep belief in the brilliance of every Black child.

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